The Quality of Pet Food

moisture in dog food

Commercial pet foods are meticulously designed, taking into account the various nutritional requirements of each species and breed. For dogs, the most popular type of pet food is dry and—as you might expect—each brand tends to vary in moisture and ash content as well as in ingredient composition. Therefore, to ensure the highest quality … [Read more...]

Jerome Sparks Innovation Across the Globe

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A recognized leader in mercury detection and measurement solutions. Arizona Instrument's line of Jerome® toxic gas analyzers is designed to provide accurate and reliable data in compact, rugged and easy to use packages. Our patented gold film sensor technology in particular is referenced in countless other patents dealing with mercury waste and … [Read more...]

The Power Behind Your Moisture Control


Join us September 15-17 in Novi, MI at the Battery Show, booth 1428, and see why our instruments are considered the leaders in moisture, solids and ash analysis. In batteries, it has never been more critical to get the best quality product to market. Whether intended for an electric car, a smartphone or a smoke detector, the quality of any … [Read more...]

Experience the latest in Toxic Gas Analyzers

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Join us September 8-11 in Sacramento, CA at the Continuing Challenge Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Workshop, booth 8, and see why our instruments are considered the leaders in mercury and hydrogen sulfide detection. Life with hazardous materials is no joking matter, which is why we take our Jerome® line of toxic gas analyzers very … [Read more...]

Detecting Mercury in Water

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Determination of Mercury (Hg) in Water by Hand-Held, Portable Cold Vapor Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry James A. Moore, Christopher J. Altamirano, Garrett M. Rowe Research Chemist Group, Arizona Instrument LLC. First published July, 2013 Water is the most familiar and most abundant compound on Earth, making up 71% of its surface … [Read more...]