Reliable Plant 2015


Uncontrolled moisture in oils can wreak havoc on gearboxes, turbines, bearings and engines, shortening the usable life of the lubricant AND the machine. The first step in controlling water in oils is to measure it accurately, and the best way to measure water in oil is the Computrac Vapor Pro. If machinery reliability is important to you, you … [Read more...]

Moisture in Oils: The Three-Headed Beast


Abstract Moisture contamination in in-service lube oils is perhaps one of the most destructive forms of engine corrosion second only to particle contamination.  Water contamination in oil can be categorized into three forms of water; Free, emulsified, and dissolved.  All forms of water have direct consequences to the oil and gears of the engine, … [Read more...]

Join us at NPE 2015


Arizona Instrument will be in Orlando for the 2015 NPE International Plastics Showcase, and we'll be bringing out full suite of advanced moisture analyzers for plastics. Visit us at booth number W5363 to get hands on experience with all of our fast and accurate moisture analyzers, including: Our chemical-free alternative to Karl Fischer … [Read more...]

Instant Loss on Ignition Results for Trommel Fines

Computrac MAX 5000XL

Cost-effective compliance with landfill tax regimes Many issues have been raised with HMRC’s proposed Loss on Ignition (LOI) testing regime for landfill taxes, including concerns that tests will take too long to be actionable and will cost too much to perform with any regularity. This may indeed be true for samples sent to a laboratory, but there … [Read more...]

Jerome® J405 Firmware Version 1.30 Features:

Release date: September 2011 Added Data Menu item to view previous sample results on the display. Models J405-0005 and J405-0006 (W\out Comm.) can view only the last two tests. Models J405-0007 and J405-0008 (W\ Comm.) can view all stored test data. Fixed failure to charge if J405 is switched off and charger is plugged in, along with erroneous … [Read more...]