Free and Bound Moisture in Gypsum

Quickly determine gypsum purity

cropped-7118281If you work with gypsum, you know how crucial moisture measurement is to making a high-quality product. Computrac® understands; that’s why Computrac has been the de facto industry standard for moisture measurement in gypsum for decades. The Computrac MAX® 4000XL will provide accurate results quickly for free moisture, bound moisture, and gypsum purity. If you need even more information about your gypsum, the Computrac MAX® 5000XL can even determine the residual paper content of recycled wallboard. Whatever your needs, the Computrac® family of moisture analyzers will enable you to quickly obtain reliable, repeatable moisture content results, independent of operator skill.

If you currently use a standard oven or a halogen-based analyzer to test your gypsum, give us a call. Our experienced team of analytical chemists and applications consultants will help you find a quicker, more reliable, and more flexible approach to testing natural, synthetic, or recycled gypsum.

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