Computrac® MAX® 2000XL, 2000, 1000 & 500

Computrac® MAX® 2000XL

Loss-on-drying (LOD) Moisture & Solids Analyzers

No longer manufactured; Service not available

Current Instrument: Computrac MAX 4000XL

Fast, durable and easy to use, the Computrac® MAX® 2000XL, 2000, 1000 and 500 moisture and solids analyzers were manufactured between 1994 and 2011. The MAX 2000 was the first to be released in June 1994. It built upon the proven success of its predecessor, the MAX 50, by adding enhanced measurement capabilities, a wider temperature range and increased data storage capacity. The MAX 1000 and MAX 500 were released in 1995 as entry-level alternatives to the MAX 2000.

The Computrac® MAX® 2000XL was released in February 2000 and included a number of additional features, such as multistage testing capabilities and the ability to be 21 CFR compliant, that enhanced repeatability, performance and flexibility.

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