Computrac® MAX® 50, 20 & 10

Computrac® MAX® 50

Loss-on-drying (LOD) Moisture Analyzers

No longer manufactured; Service not available

Current Instrument: Computrac MAX 4000XL

Easy to use, reliable and versatile, the Computrac® MAX® 50, MAX® 20 and MAX® 10 moisture analyzers were manufactured from 1982 until the mid 1990s. They were the first of Computrac’s MAX line of moisture analyzers and were used in labs across the world to help simplify moisture testing procedures and improve overall product quality. Their quick test times, ease of use and reliability made the MAX 50, 20 and 10 ideal alternatives to traditional loss on drying (LOD) methods of moisture analysis.

The MAX 50 was capable of performing moisture analysis at any temperature between 25°C and 225°C. The MAX 10 and 20, however, were designed as entry level alternatives to the MAX 50, and so could only perform moisture analysis at either one or two pre-programmed temperatures within the range of 25°C and 225°C, respectively.

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